Smart ways to organize your tools!

Smart ways to organize your tools!

When it comes to organizing tools, there isn’t a magic recipe that works every time. On the contrary, organizing tools might be a highly personal choice for each person. In many circumstances, the location is dictated by the function. Are you a carpenter, a house renovator, a weekend warrior, or something else entirely? Each skill set has its own set of concerns as well as a unique collection of tools. An experienced carpenter may want smaller tool storage, but a house renovator may require a convenient location to store and arrange their power tools and other heavy equipment. However, there are some fundamental items that most homes will need to have on hand, and there are a variety of creative ways to complete the task.


Rotating Carousel

Many craftsmen find it difficult to work in a limited area. The good news is that there are several alternatives available thanks to the creativity of the people! One of these is to dedicate a section of the workshop to this revolving carousel of tools.

This set of deep shelves, including brims to keep stuff safe, is the ideal space saver in even the tiniest spaces. It’s entirely up to you whether you utilize one or place one in each corner of the workshop.


Classic Tool Rack

The fact that tool racks are the ultimate of practicality does not rule out the possibility of incorporating some style into the design. Your workshop is the perfect setting for a rustic approach to management, and this rack is really simple to construct.

The back of the shelf may be made out of old lumber that has been dyed black; all that is needed is a basic shelf at the top and bottom of the rack, with holes drilled in the bottom one for long tools and hooks for hammers.

Finally, attach a long leather strap to the middle of the rack’s bottom, placing studs at regular intervals to create compartments for hanging tools down the length of the rope. Easy!


Floating Metal Shelves

The tried and true metal shelf is always a safe bet; this just enhances it. The idea is to build the foundation of the unit out of waist-high frames and then back it up with pegboards and floating shelves.

If you’d like, you may also include a metal rail system to hold longer equipment such as brooms, rakes, and spades to complete the overall look of the installation. When mounting your shelves, make sure you use wall anchors to keep the screws from peeling and falling out of the wall.


Foam Board

Keeping track of all of the little bits and pieces may be a complete nightmare. On the other hand, there’s nothing more fulfilling than categorizing these small components according to their size, color, or intended application.

This is where the foam board comes in. If you use this incredibly flexible substance, it is possible to physically carve out a space in your toolkit for any items that might otherwise be misplaced. Prepare your carving tools by pulling out a craft knife like this.


Above and Below the Workbench

Finding the best storage solution means making use of all of the available space, whether it’s above or below your workstation, to maximize your productivity. This woodworker opted to install crates beneath the bench and a pegboard on top, which he constructed himself.

A fantastic method to make your storage feel more coherent is to use a color palette that you have chosen specifically for it. This technique can be difficult to manage for smaller items so that you can make your own drawer dividers for easy-to-keep drawer organization!



A beautiful, well-organized pegboard on the garage wall might have been a part of your childhood if your father was an avid tool collector and collector’s market shopper. These are the pinnacle of workshop arrangement, in my opinion!

Not only are all of your tools in plain sight, but they each have a specific location where nothing else can go; a place for everything and everything in its place; everything in its place. Fortunately, making your own version of them is really straightforward.



Build pedestals with parallel planks, or put it up as a French cleat system if you choose. Custom shelves may be built to hold unusual items such as batteries or sandpaper, keeping them organized.

The fact that you are renting and do not want to set up a full shelving unit is a fantastic alternative, but it is not the only one! For further inspiration, have a look at these small bedroom organizing solutions that don’t need drilling.


French Cleat Wall

If you’ve never heard of a French cleat before, you’re about to have your mind blown by what is about to happen. Gravity and 45-degree angles are used to produce a simple interlocking joint that makes shelving a breeze, thanks to these amazing connectors.

This is a brilliant method to make use of any available wall space by installing wooden slats over the whole wall and using simple French-cleated blocks to hold your equipment. Each power tool holder that you own may be customized using this method.


Magnetic Strips

Some people find the pegboard to be too difficult to work with and give up. It’s either that or artisans just don’t have the time to put everything out. Don’t be concerned; there is a lot easier approach that takes advantage of science to your benefit: magnetism, to be exact.

Using magnetic knife strips to keep your metal tools organized is a quick and simple solution to save time. This is appealing since it does not bind you to a certain organizational style; you have the option to alter your mind at any moment.


PVC Pipes Shelf

It takes a certain amount of skill to maintain your tools well-organized while still making them easily visible. While many individuals choose to store their equipment out of sight, one DIY enthusiast opted to build a shelf out of PVC pipe supports to display his gear.

If you already have a shelf, this one is incredibly simple to apply; but you may also build a brand-new shelf just for the purpose of tool storage. To complete the hack, you’ll only need a couple of lengths of PVC pipe (available here) and a saw.


Slot Away Your Clamps

This one is dedicated to the woodworkers. If you’re a woodworker who enjoys everything things carpentry, your workshop is most certainly littered with misplaced clamps. Indeed, they are required for nearly every endeavor!

However, when you’re trying to find a clamp in the middle of a difficult DIY job, it may be really unpleasant. It’s far more convenient to have a single location where all of your clamps may be stored, which is where our ingenious slot system comes in.

Simply attach a pair of basic shelves (one level for each clamp length) and insert saw holes into each of them to complete the project. Clamps are easily arranged using this method, ensuring that you will never be without a clamp again.


Wooden Bench

It is exactly because it is easy that this next hack is so effective. You may make wooden storage boxes for your screws, bolts, and nails by using some old wood and repeating the same design many times as needed.

It is really simple to construct a wooden bin of this type. Not just that, but if you have the required scrap wood laying around, building the containers is also less expensive than purchasing them.


Final Words

We hope these ideas for making smart tool storage works for you. Remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

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