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The best tool belts are very useful tools that hold your tools and equipment without toolboxes. These are important tools for construction workers, roofers, maintenance workers, carpenters, farmers, and plumbers. If you are working on DIY project tasks or on your job site, these belts help you organize the tools. Such ease of work!

Today we will see the top-rated tool belts available on the market. Best tool belts are a convenient pack to keep your tools and hardware near when you are working.

The tool belts we have selected are the highest reviewed by customers and come with the top features by experts. This is a very short list for you to get the best tool belt.

We will provide a complete buying guide and care guide with this piece and answer some frequently asked questions. Do read the article!


Best Tool Belt On the Market Reviewed: Our Top Picks

This list of our top picks for the best tool belt is here for your buying consideration.


CLC Custom Leathercraft IP489X Tool Bag & Belt

CLC Custom Leathercraft IP489X is one of the finest custom tool belts that has all the premium features and holds all the necessary tools. We will discuss the tool belt features here.

CLC Custom Leathercraft IP489X Tool Bag & Belt- Best Tool Belt


This belt is made with highly durable, heavy-duty suede leather. This makes the tool belt very durable for your work.

The material is wear and tear proof and water resistant. This is a perfect tool belt suitable for construction workers, roofers, maintenance workers, and plumbers.

There are 3 pockets on the belt. There are two large pockets and a smaller pocket that you can use to keep small tools like pliers, pencils, screws, nails, etc. This Tan Custom Leathercraft tool belt is very convenient for workers and DIY projects enthusiasts.

The belt is a 2-inch poly web made tool belt. This material is durable and water resistant. You can work in wet conditions without any worry that the belt might get damaged. There is a quick release buckle for easy taking off and putting on.

The belt fits waist sizes of 29 inches to 49 inches. The belt is versatile and has a leather side loop for heavy tools like hammers, tape measures, and other heavy tools.

There are two main nails and a tool pocket with double stitched leather that can be very durable and keeps away water and moisture. CLC Custom Leathercraft is a famous brand for making tools for 30 years and is a standard for many other manufacturers.

Moreover, it is a product with a low price. It also comes with a year of warranty. It is very lightweight and is not very constricting for workers like construction workers, roofers, maintenance workers, and plumbers. You can buy this tool belt without any worry.


  • Suede leather belt, with double stitching
  • Traditional tool belt with hammer loops
  • Heavy-duty tool belt with easy access/ easy reach
  • Two large pouches for larger tools and accessories
  • Plastic buckle effectively poly web belt
  • Hands-free tape holder
  • Affordable price, durable material
  • One year warranty


  • Fewer pockets, not enough space for many tools

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Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w/Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt

Gatorback B145 tool belt with suspenders comes with bar tack stitches reinforced pouches. It can fit average waist sizes without much effort. The material is 1250 Duratek Nylon; this makes the tool belt very durable and weather resistant.

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w/Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt


This best carpenters tool belt comes with a patented air channel design that provides you with a comfortable work experience on the job site. There is foam backing that gives you extra comfort and balance.

The material makes it a durable and heavy duty product. It comes with a hammer loop on the right side, and on the left has a fastener tool. There is an 8inch deep center pouch. The pockets are easy to access for your convenience.

There are plastic linings inside the pockets that stop moisture from reaching the tools to cause rust. This tool belt can fit people with waist sizes of 36inches to 40inches, but there are other size options available. The price point is a bit high, but it comes with a year of warranty.


  • Traditional tool belt with hammer loop
  • Made of heavy-duty DuraTek nylon
  • Bar tack stitching, with inner plastic lining, reinforced bottoms
  • Rugged & durable tool belt with easy access
  • Enough room pockets
  • Available in varying sizes
  • A defect-free warranty of a year


  • A bit pricy

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Occidental Leather Tool Belt – Adjust-to-Fit Fat

Occidental Leather 9855 is a premium product made in the USA. It’s a high-quality tool belt with pouches that can serve you.

Occidental Leather Tool Belt - Adjust-to-Fit Fat


The belt can fit waist sizes from 32inch to 41inch. That includes the average people that work in the field of construction, plumbing, and carpentry.

There are D-rings pre-installed to keep the suspension bag in shape and place. This tool belt comes with 24 pockets; the main pocket is 10 inches deep with leather reinforcement for durability and comfort.

The main pocket is reinforced with copper rivet; this prevents rust and tear. The leather is cowhide leather that is tanned for heavy use. The tool holders and hammer holder provides maximum working rhythm without making you look for the right tool when you need it. That makes sense, right? For instance, the nail, tri square, speed square, drill holster is kept on the left side, hammer, utility knives are kept on the right side for your use.

Occidental Leather tool belt is a premium product with premium qualities, and as only it makes sense, premium price.


  • Traditional tool belt with a center hammer holder
  • Option for both right and left-handers
  • 10-inch leather reinforcement
  • Pre-installed d-rings
  • Leather lined main pocket tool holders
  • Perfect carpenters tool belt
  • Made in the USA


  • Pricier than other tool belts

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DEWALT DG5617 Custom Leathercraft 20-Pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt and Yoke-style Suspenders

This is another Custom Leathercraft from the manufacturer DeWalt. This is a very premium tool belt for you as a construction worker, roofer, maintenance worker, carpenter, farmer, and plumber. This DeWalt tool belt comes with all the features that you need. Let’s take a look at the features.

DEWALT DG5617 Custom Leathercraft 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt and Yoke-style Suspenders


The DeWalt Custom Leathercraft tool belt is a farmer’s combo apron with a suspender and belt for your needs. The belt allows even weight distribution of the tools around the belt. This suspender and belt are padded for your comfort and to prevent stress and fatigue.

There are 20 pockets on this apron with the tool belt; you can keep your nails, parts, tools, pencils, and other tools on this belt. There are 9 main pockets and 11 smaller pockets for keeping your small items. A zippered pouch can be used to keep your wallet, matches, cards, phone, and other valuable items.

The tool belt is a double tongue with a roller buckle. This makes the belt durable and very comfortable to wear. This gives you extra comfort and keeps the belt stable. The yoke styled suspender and belt give you a very stable, right fit.

The belt is 5 inches wide; this, and the belt is padded, prevents the belt from digging into your flesh and makes you uncomfortable. There is a breathable mesh that keeps the temperature cool and sweat free for several hours.

The DeWalt apron and belt fit waist sizes from 29 inches to 46 inches. The tool belt, suspenders, and apron styled pouch weigh just under 5 pounds.

The price of the product seems a bit high, to be fair.


  • Traditional tool belt with hammer loops
  • Apron, yoke-style suspender, and belted
  • 5 inches wide and padded tool belt
  • 20 pockets/ compartments for your tools, more pockets than any other belt
  • Heavy-duty tool belt with comfortable access
  • Zippered pocket for keeping the valuable
  • Double tongue with roller buckle
  • Fits 26 inches to 46 inches waist sizes, secure, perfect fit for more people


  • The fitting can be tricky for skinny guys

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GloosyEnd Heavy Duty Construction Tool Belt & Tool Pouch, with Poly Web Belt Quick Release Buckle

GlossyEnd belt is also a very premium product on the market; it comes with all the premium features like the competitors. Let’s take a quick look at the specifications summary.

GloosyEnd Heavy Duty Construction Tool Belt & Tool Pouch, with Poly Web Belt Quick Release Buckle


This tool belt comes with 11 pockets for keeping your necessary tools and essential tools close to you and has two hammer loops or hammer holders. There are five pockets, large pockets that can keep large tools, nails, and power tools, and 6 small pockets that can small tools like keep pliers, pencils, tape measures, and gauges.

The belt is made with a poly web for durability and softness. The material is water proof and can withstand adverse weather conditions. There are 600D polyester made aprons, and reinforced rustproof rivets.

This tool belt can be used by Construction Workers, Contractors, framing workers, Plumbers, Electricians, and Carpenters tool belt. It can fit a wide variety of waist sizes from 33inch to 52inch; the belt is 2inch wide with a quick release buckle.

The price of this tool belt is affordable, and you can buy this without much worry.


  • Traditional tool belt with handy hammer loop for heavier tools
  • 11 pockets for adjustable pouches for your tools, two hammer holders, easily adjusted
  • Heavy-duty tool belt with effortless access
  • It Fits 33inches to 52inches waist sizes; fits various sizes


  • Not for people with smaller waists

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Klein Tools 55427 Tradesman Pro Electrician’s Tool Belt, Medium

This is the last tool belt on our list. It is fitting that this be the last tool belt to end this premium list with! The Klein Tools Pro Electrician’s Tool Belt is a highly rated, very premium product.

Klein Tools 55427 Tradesman Pro Electrician's Tool Belt, Medium


The material of this belt is 1680d Ballistic Weave nylon polyester. This is very high durability, lightweight nylon that is used to make this high quality, durable and lightweight tool belt.

There are removable pockets that allow you to take what tools you need for work. You have a padded belt with a mesh interior that is breathable and very comfortable. There are drill holsters, spare part pockets, a loop for a tape measure, and a pocket for drill bits; you are not losing anything with this tool belt.

Klein is a renowned brand in the world that has been working for over 160 years! This is their product. This is an understandably high price product that comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Traditional tool belt with drill holster, unlike most tool belts
  • Loop for a tape measure, and pocket for drill bits
  • Removable large pouches, box-shaped, padding belt
  • Great carpenter’s tool belt, well-positioned
  • 1-year warranty with the tool belt


  • Expensive belt, can’t be used as a garden tool belt

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Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt

In order to keep your equipment and clothing close at hand while you work on a project, the Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt is ideal. A carpenter’s pocket as well as a tool pouch are included with this belt. Your equipment and clothes may be safely stored in either the carpenters or tool bag, which are both included in the purchase of the goods.

Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt


The polyester used in this Carhartt Tool Belt is 100% pure. As a result, it’s not as long-lasting as some of the alternatives. However, it is reasonably priced overall, which may be a decent trade-off for certain people. As long as it doesn’t get moist, the polyester won’t lose quality.

Weather Defender water repellent and synthetic materials make the Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt extremely durable. A rubberized, load-bearing, abrasion-resistant bottom further enhances the tool belt’s sturdiness. Access to the bag is made easier thanks to an interior aluminum frame that stops it from folding over.

It has a total of nine pockets, two of which are detachable. Hooks for other tools have also been added. If you’re looking for something that won’t cause your waist to hurt at the conclusion of the day, this one has a cushioned waist belt.

If you’re a hobbyist rather than an expert carpenter, this is a good option for you.


  • Comfortable material was used in the construction of this product.
  • Contains a water-resistant coating.
  • Affordability is reasonable


  • Polyester’s tensile strength is low.
  • Adjustability isn’t great.

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Buying Guide For The Best Tool Belt

Tool belt shopping is not an easy job; especially if you are buying online, it is significantly harder to do so. There are so many options on the market to choose from, and the misleading advertisements can cause you to buy the wrong one.

Quality tool bags come with a few features that set them apart from the competition. We will discuss the features here in this compact, concise and comprehensive buying guide. If you follow the features on your next purchase, you can get a tool belt for yourself and suggest the right product for your friends.

The features of the best tool belt are discussed below.


Tool Belt Materials

There are only a few different materials that the belt can be made of. We will discuss the main materials that are used to make the tool belt.

i. Leather

Leather is the most common material used to make things like belts, bags, and other things that make our lives easier and are meant to be durable. Leather is made from animal hide, goatskin, and other domesticated animal skin.

A leather belt is very durable, flexible, and has a touch of sophistication to it. Leather tool belts are very sturdy and practically indestructible. High quality leather has a higher price point.

Oiled leather and suede leather are heavier. These are very sturdy and prevents injuries from occurring from screwdrivers and chisels.

Aside from that fact of price, these belts are very desirable and are very popular among workers and DIY project amateurs.

ii. Heavy Synthetic Materials

Heavy synthetic materials are made with multi layered polyester, nylon, and other materials known as “pleather.” These are also called faux leather, with a canvas of surface fabric with a layer of heavy synthetic materials. These are light weight than real oiled leather. These are a bit less durable than leather but still are very durable than other materials.

A sturdy faux leather is a perfect choice for non professionals, and amateur users of the tool. These synthetic tool bags are less expensive than real leather.

iii. Lightweight Polyester

Lightweight polyester, nylon and other synthetic materials are another material that is gaining popularity. Polyester materials are lightweight and a bit less durable and capacity. But the lower price very much makes up for that.

DIY project workers and other non professionals use these tool belts because they give you the most value for money.


Tool Belt Pockets

Tool belts come with many pockets for your tools. The number of pockets is a necessary buying consideration. This consideration is dependent on your work type.

The minimum requirement for a tool belt is three pockets. But there are seven pockets options and five pockets options. What number of main pockets are enough pockets for you depends entirely on you. You need to see the number of pockets, the size of pockets, how many large pockets, and how many small pockets are there for your use. There are tool belts with a single large pocket that can hold all your things, but that can be risky because it can lead to unwanted injuries.

There are tool belts that have many small pockets. These are convenient and very useful. This purchasing consideration is personal, but we shift towards a belt with many small pockets because that makes sense.


Pocket Placement

The pockets for the position are another important consideration that you should keep in mind. Tool belt holds tools like chisels, screwdrivers, pliers, pencils, fasteners, and other tools that you need to keep very close to you.

I. Hanging Tool Pockets

The hanging tool belt pockets come with pockets on both sides that hang over hips. There is a center pocket for your most needed tools. These tool belts are easier to climb with on ladders. Because they don’t awkwardly hang around when you lean forward, these are very convenient for works other than painting.

II. Center Pocket

The tool belts with center pockets come with an apron-like design. This goes over your shirt like an apron, and the pockets are in a convenient position for you. But it causes some problems of mobility when you bend or lean forward. It also is risky in similar forward-leaning situations if you work with sharp tools. But works perfectly for painting and cleaning works around the house.

III. One sided tool belt

These are perfect for light work that doesn’t require many tools. One sided tool belt is very easy to climb with. You can carry basic tools: like hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers with these tool belts.


Different Sizes and Fit

This depends on your waistline, and this is a very important buying consideration that you should have. If it is too small, it can constrict your movement, and this can result in uncomfortable work conditions.

Too large tool belts can be saggy and need fixing regularly. This also makes your work uncomfortable.

It is always better to look for a tool belt that is the same as the belt or waist sizes of jeans that you wear. That way, you can be sure you are buying the right size that fits you.



Wearing a belt for a long time can be uncomfortable in itself. It can be hot and sweaty under the belt. But there are brands that make belts with breathable fabric. Even the ones made with leather.

There are comfort considerations as well. There are padded belts that don’t feel hard against the skin. You need to make sure that you have all the things that correspond to your comfort.


Carrying method

The tool belts come with buckles that help with the putting on. There are belts with a quick release buckle system. This allows you to take off the belt quickly. There are tool belts with plastic buckles; these are lightweight and very durable. The buckles make it easier adjustment of the size of the belt. You can fit the tool belt with the snuggest fit.

Other tool belts, mostly the apron design, come with a shoulders strap that holds the belt in place. There are designs that are not apron styled designs but uses shoulder straps. You can check those out too.


Care and Maintenance of Tool Belts

Here is a simple list of things that you can do to keep your tool belt strong and durable-

  • Empty the pockets every once in a while. This allows you to take out the dirt, dust, and occasional fabric that may be in the pockets for a long time. This will allow easy cleaning, keep your hand tools healthy, and dust, dirt, and damage free. You might find old tools that you don’t need anymore or needs replacing. You can do all that if you clean your bag occasionally.
  • There are creams, conditioners, and sprays that keep your leather healthy. You can use these products to keep the leather of your belt healthy and supple.
  • You can wash nylon belts using soap, warm water. You can hand clean the nylon tool belt.
  • Wipe stains with a dry rag immediately.
  • Keeping your belt away from sunlight and heat is important. Extreme heat can wear the tool belt. Keeping the belt in a cool and dry place.


Final Words

The list of the tool belt features the highest-rated tool belts and the tool belts with the top features. This is a perfect blend of functionality and satisfaction. The list features the people’s choice of products.

If you think that we have missed a good product, that should really be here, you can write to us. We will look into the matter with pleasure. You can write to us with your support and suggestions (data rights reserved by our privacy policy). We appreciate your feedback.


FAQs for Best Tool Belt

Are tool belts bad for your back?

Ans: Tool belts usually adorn your waist; this makes sure that your back is not strained for the heavy tools.

Can I wash my tool belt?

Ans: Hand washing is a good method of cleaning your tool belt. You can use soap and warm water to wash the tool belt.

Can you put a tool bag in the washing machine?

Ans: It is not recommended that you put a tool bag or tool belt washing machine.

How do you take care of a leather tool belt?

Ans: You can use leather healing creams from the market to keep the leather healthy. Keeping the leather tool belt away from sun and heat.

How do you wear a tool belt?

Ans: There are several types of tool belts as far as wearing is concerned. You can use the belt styled tool belt, or apron styled tool belt, or the shoulder strap tool bag.

What is the most expensive tool belt?

Ans: The price range can go up to $400-$500. Gatorback, Occidental Leather, Bucket Boss, Dickies Work Gear, DeWalt Craftsmen Leather, Klein tools make the most expensive tool belts. You can also look for the cheap options.

Why You Need a Carpenter’s Tool Belt?

Ans: Carpenter’s tool belt is for carpenters to hold heavy duty tools like hammer, chisel, and other sharp and heavy tools in a separate room.

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