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Buying the best drill guide is important to work because so much depends on it. This is helpful for workers and DIYers with accurate alignment for drilling straight holes. That’s why many defining features should be looked for while you’re shopping for a drill guide.

In this article, we’ve tried to find the best drill guides on the market which would allow you to drill perfect and precise drilling holes for accurate works in the workshop and garage. We have selected the highest-reviewed drill guides with the desired features.

You will find buying guide and some answers to FAQs as well.

Let’s dive right into the piece!


6 Best Drill Guides Reviewed  Our Top Picks

These are our top picks based on the features and reviews!


Milescraft 1318 DrillMate Portable Drill Guide

Milescraft is one of the most famous brands on the market for drilling and building kit makers. This is no wonder the highest-reviewed drill guide on our list.

Milescraft 1318 DrillMate Portable Drill Guide- Best Drill Guide


It works by pressing mechanism. It is perfect for straight and angled drilling. You just have to attach it to the edge of a board or the floor or surface on which you are looking to drill holes.

You can attach 3/8 inches and 1/2inches long drill bits, and it comes with a 3/8 inches capacity chuck with a key. The power drill can be used from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. You can read the angles on the base of the drill guide.

The base is made with high-quality metal. There are centering channels that are built into the bottom of the base. This allows you to accommodate drilling on any round objects of up to 3 inches of diameter.

There is an adjustable depth stop attached with the drill guide that allows you to drill accurate holes precisely for your need. You can adjust the spring action of the head with an easy control that is attached to the guide.

There are v groove systems that allow you to drill holes on round stocks like pipe, hoses, tubing, and other round cylindrical surfaces household objects. The feet of the Milescraft Drill Guide comes with non slip feet that allow you to work with the highest stability and protect that surface from marring and scratches.

The Milescraft 1318 DrillMate Drill Guide handle allows you to mount the guide to a fixed position for maximum support and make accurate alignment for repetitive drilling.

The price of the Milescraft 1318 DrillMate Portable Drill Guide is in the affordable range. If you are a professional, you need one of these tools. Even if you are not a professional, it can be a handy tool to have around you.


  • Portable drill guides with the highest reviews
  • Perfect for deep straight or angled drilling
  • Avoid slippage with TPE feet to guide straightly for vertical drill position on flat surfaces
  • Product v grooves for cylindrical surfaces
  • Great product at a low price, great value for money
  • Fewer moving parts makes the guide stable


  • Price is a bit high

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Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide

Big Gator tools come with the next most tools recommendation and reviews. If you are a pro, you know their name, alongside other manufacturers like General tools. Like General tools, these are very premium.

Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide- Best Drill Guide


Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide has 17 drill sizes, making it suitable for all your needs. You can use 1/8″ to 3/8″, with 1/64″ increments drill bits. It is made with heat-treated nickel alloyed steel; this makes the drill guide extremely durable.

Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP can be used on flat surfaces, and the v groove can be used on round stocks, cylindrical surfaces, and corners. There are light oil coatings for rust resistance. There are alignment markers for your convenience.

Big Gator Tools Drill Guide comes with a price point that can seem to be a bit high for the size of the product, but this price is deserving, very much so.


  • Suitable for vertical drill position, simple design
  • Handheld guide with alignment marks
  • V groove build for round stock, cylindrical surfaces, and corners
  • Accommodates wide variety, 17 drill sizes, makes pocket holes
  • A great option with good accuracy


  • Only for straight drilling

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Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock- Handheld Drill Guide

This is the second Milescraft product on our list. This is different from the other drill guides in so many ways.

For starters, this is a handheld block drill guide. It is lighter and easier to carry. Milescraft 1312 comes with the ability to accommodate 6 most common sized drill bits, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, and 1/2″.

Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock- Handheld Drill Guide


The Milescraft 1312 has a V groove that allows you to drill on a cylindrical surface and stock. You can use the V groove to drill holes on a corner as well. There are vertical and horizontal center lines that enable you to make an accurate alignment.

The Milescraft 1312 is ergonomically designed, which allows you to hold the drill block comfortably while working. There are TPE Non slip feet that give you stability from slipping and marring the working surface.

You can use it to make 90 degrees hole on any surface. This is a metal drill guide that is durable and rust resistant even after years of use.

The price of the Milescraft 1312 Hand Drill Guide is very affordable. Considering the service, this is a must-have item for all users, professionals, and non professionals alike.


  • Hand-held portable drill guides
  • Perfect for vertical drill position
  • Non-slip feet made with TPE to fight inaccuracy
  • Portable for repetitive drilling
  • V grooves for perpendicular holes on round stock, cylindrical surfaces, and corners, and other various surfaces
  • Nickel alloyed steel for durability
  • Accommodates six sized drill bits, makes pocket holes
  • Extremely durable, doesn’t easily break
  • Full-featured models on a small package
  • Good accuracy on the drill adapter
  • Very affordable, worth the money


  • Only for straight drilling, not for angled drilling
  • No slide lock

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Kanzawa Drill Guide Support K-801

Kanzawa Drill Guide Support K-801 can be used in horizontal, vertical, and angular drilling positions.

There are double guide bars on the Kanzawa drill guide support K-801 that have springs that allow quick return while repetitive drilling. It adapts itself by sliding up and down on the guide bars.

Kanzawa Drill Guide Support K-801


You can change the drilling angles on the Kanzawa drill guide to 45 degrees to 90 degrees. There are rubber pads that keep the guide in place. There is an adjustable depth stop that allows you to drill precise holes. The v-groove base of the guide allows you to drill on round stocks, cylindrical surfaces, and angles.

There is a removable handle on the Kanzawa drill guide support K-801; you can use all the drill bits that are common in use.

The price of the tool is on the higher end.

Some people have recommended a similar product called Wolfcraft Multi-Angle Drill Guide Attachment; we have looked into the product. Sadly, it is no match for the Kanzawa drill guide support.


  • Perfect for vertical drill position
  • Rubber feet on the drill adapter
  • Portable drills guide for repetitive drilling
  • V groove for round stock, cylindrical surfaces, and corners
  • accommodates six sized drill bits, makes pocket holes
  • adjustable depth stop
  • direction, and angle with good accuracy on mounting holes


  • High price

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Kreg KJMICRODGB Jig Micro Drill Guide System

Finally, Kreg Jig is the next and the last on our list. This allows pocket hole drilling for woodworking workpieces and many different tasks.

Kreg KJMICRODGB Jig Micro Drill Guide System


This is the perfect companion for a woodworker’s workbench. You can use this it with all ½ inch stock and make narrow holes in narrow stocks.

The guide is a very light. You can carry it around without any trouble in your pocket. Also, the removable design is perfect for repairs and job site joinery. It is 25% smaller than other drill guides on the market.

This Kreg Jig removes less material and gives you faster and easier drilling on wood chips. The price tag of this plastic guide is a bit high cost, though, but it is the perfect tool for woodworking needs.


  • Perfect for vertical drill position performance
  • Portable guide
  • Perfect for woodworking
  • Good accuracy unit with great feature


  • Made with plastic, a power drill is known for melting plastic
  • Price is a bit high

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DEWALT DW2054 Magnetic Drive Guide

DeWalt was founded in Leola, Pennsylvania, in 1922. The DeWalt “Wonder-Worker” was the company’s first product, automated woodwork equipment. It’s not unusual for the DeWALT Power Equipment range to include more than 200 electric utility instruments and over 800 extras these days.

DEWALT DW2054 Magnetic Drive Guide


This DeWalt magnet bit clamp will be an extra hand while putting screws which is an absolute must in any tools. Struggling to hold the screw with one hand and holding the screws in the other is a thing of the past now. When used in conjunction with a portable driver, this item makes it simple to maneuver screws into tight spaces. Drilling without contacting the bolt means less risk of harm to your fingers and more time to complete the task at hand.

Using a self-retracting, barrel-shaped glove, this driving aid ensures precision drilling. As a result, you have something else to grip onto when driving, which helps to keep you stable. You won’t have to worry about accidentally damaging any screws again because of the magnetic substance. The toughened substance of this bit holder ensures that it will last for a long time.

When it comes to driving screws, DeWALT’s Portable Magnet Drive Guide eliminates the 2 most annoying issues: wobble and slipping. You may use this helpful tool to hold bolts in place as you drill, if you’re constructing a patio or hanging drywall.

Fasteners won’t slide off since the bit is magnetized. A barrel-shaped, self-retracting guiding ring help the user drill avoiding touching the screws is a particularly handy function. There are several benefits to this, including the fact that lengthy screws may be inserted more easily. Take hold of the barrel and start drilling. DeWalt’s Lightweight Magnetic Drill Guide is a great tool for anybody wishing to improve their drilling process. There will be no more projects ruined by wobbling and slippage.


  • The screw is held in place by a magnetic bit holder.
  • guide sleeve to drive screws straight and accurately.
  • Finger damage is reduced by the use of self-retracting guide sleeves


  • Some products have manufacturing errors

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The Considerations Before Buying The Best Drill Guide

This concise, compact, and comprehensive guide will help you find and identify high-quality drill guides. You can have the knowledge to be conversationally fluent in all things regarding this tool.

Let’s learn about a drill guide’s important factors.


Types of Drill Guide

There are different types of guide for drilling. The different types make different works easier.

There are convenient portable drill guides. These work by pressing mechanisms. These guide attachments allow straight or angled drilling.

There is a chuck where you attach your power drill of specific drill bit sizes. There are options for you to buy a high-speed drill guide.

The mini magnetic guide for drilling uses magnetism or electromagnetism to fix the guide on a surface.

There is the drill guide block that allows you to make different diameter holes for drilling. These blocks have a downside. You can just make straight holes, the accuracy of the holes is unmatched, but there is no chance of accurate drilling at an angle.

If you are a professional that needs the drill on job sites, you should go for the guides that allow you angles of the magnetic drill guides. But if you don’t need angle drilling, you can go for the cheaper drill guide blocks.



The dominant material of the drill guides on the market is those made with durable metals. Steel and aluminum are the most durable and functional and give you a long-serving life with many drills.

The downside of the steel drill guide is that it is heavier and can be expensive. Aluminum drill guides are lightweight and cheap material. But these drill bits are less durable.

But for all practical purposes, an aluminum drill bit is perfect for DIYers and light duty works. If you are a professional, you can go for the steel guides for drilling.


Capacity of the Chuck

Higher chuck capacity is something that should be considered before purchasing a drilling guide. The chuck arrangement refers to the number of drill bits that can be attached to the drill guide chuck.

Usually, the 3/8 and the 1/2 inches bits can be mounted on a drill mate chuck. You should look for higher chuck capacity always.



Drill guide or drill mate bases are also an important consideration for you. There are metallic and plastic bases for it. The metal base allows accuracy, precision, and stability but makes the drill guides heavier.

The plastic bases are light and stable. There are transparent options that allow you to see the surface. This allows accurate drilling. But the plastic bases are less durable and are prone to crack and wear.


Protractor Scale

The protractor scale allows you to measure the drilling hole angles. Most of the drill guides allow you to drill 45 degrees. You can drill holes vertically, horizontally, or inclined. This is very convenient and useful for your works.



The portability of the drilling guide is very important. It would help if you carried it around. Like any power tools, power drills are heavy equipment in themselves; drill guides need to be lightweight for ease of carrying.

The lightweight drill guides are more convenient for carrying. In this sense block drill guides are better. But these guides do not offer much versatility. The other two types offer versatility but are heavier. You need to figure out what you need.

If you are a professional, you should go for the other two types. If you are not a professional, you can go for the block drill guide.



The handle of the drill guide allows you to place it and, by extension, the drill accurately. This allows stability and accurate drilling. The handles can be moved along the guide bar, and you can fix them in a spot for maximum support.

Additionally, the handles are made with durable metal like steel.



Warranty is one of the three factors of consideration for buying a drill guide. You get a sense of assurance from the warranty. This allows you to experiment with the tool to find your comfort zone.

Unfortunately, you don’t always get a warranty. Preferably, you should be on the lookout for a warranty; if there is none, you can look for the best featured ones.



Tools for building come from many famous brands. It is important that you should choose from a good brand. Because brands come with higher quality checks, inspection, and quality control, they make sure the product they produce is of the quality. For legal reasons, they need to make sure of that, or else they will get sued. You can use this to your advantage. If the additional features match, you can go for a top brand.



We have made the list of the top-rated drilling guides based on user reviews and the top features. If you know next to nothing about a product, it can be impossible to buy the right product randomly.

This is why you need to see the reviews; while it is time consuming work, it is important. We have made it easier for you; we have gone through the highest amount of reviews and listed them here based on the several features.



We have made this list based on customer-provided reviews and expert-provided best features. These are the top-notch drill guides on the market, based on these criteria. You can go for any of these without any worry or doubt.

If you have a suggestion, you can write to us; we will look into it (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).

Thank you, and remember to wear safety gear while working.



Are drill bits universal?

Ans: Drill bits are more or less universal when it comes to specific types of work.

Are drill guides any good?

Ans: Drill Guides make your drilling accurate and precise; they are very good indeed.

How do I choose a drilling machine?

Ans: Refer to our buying guide for greater details.

How do you guide a drill?

Ans: You have to attach the drill guide on the surface and drill away!

How do you use an angle drill guide?

Ans: There are handles that allow you to change the angle on the drill guide; you use that to change the angle.

Is Wolfcraft 4525404 Multi Angle Drill Guide Attachment good?

Ans: Many people have reached out to us with recommendations for this Wolfcraft 4525404 Multi Angle Drill Guide Attachment. But in our research, we saw that this Wolfcraft 4525404 Multi Angle Drill Guide Attachment doesn’t pass our minimum requirement rating range.

What is the difference between the three kinds of drill guides?

Ans: We have discussed this in our buying guide; refer to that for details. There is drill press as well, but a drill press is different from drill guides. Drill presses work differently.

Which are the finest portable drill guides?

Ans: Refer to our list and buying guide for details on the portable drill guide.

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