IRWIN Screw Extractor Set: Unscrew your work!

IRWIN Screw Extractor Set

A stuck screw is one of the many common hassles with professional works and even DIY works. This happens because of a low-quality screw, weather conditions, and other factors that diminish the screw’s longevity and durability. The screw gets stuck in the surface unto which it was planted. This makes repair work hard and messes up the aesthetics of your house and work.

Luckily there are screw extractor sets available on the market that help you remove the stubborn screws from such unwanted places without causing much damage to the surface.

IRWIN screw extractor is one such set that helps you do that. It is one of the best screw extractors sets in the market for you. It is versatile and very useful, and convenient for extracting screws from deeply stuck surfaces.

We will look into the features of this screw extractor set and make a breakdown of all its features. In this way, we can ensure that you will know why this is one of the best screw extractors on the market today.



Here in this segment, we will see all the features of the IRWIN screw extractor set. A detailed look at the quality and the features of the IRWIN screw extractor set will help you decide whether to buy it or not.



The brand of the screw extractor is not very important. But we are mentioning this here for a reason. Tools for workers need to come from premium brands because they have the experience of producing tools that will last longer and work perfectly for specific types of work. The quality check and the brand reputation allow you to ensure that the screw extractor is useful and very durable for your use.

IRWIN screw extractor set comes from a brand that has been in the business for over a hundred years. They started in 1885 and have since been creating the best tools for the professional tradesman.

The quality and the promise of the brand are important and give you the room to think. Therefore, IRWIN screw extractor set is one of the best tools in the market for screw removal.



screw extractors need to be made with durable materials because the screws are often made with durable materials. So, the question you need to be asking yourself is- is the material of the screw extractor durable enough to cut through a durable screw?

The answer is yes. There is high-speed steel that can cut through normal steel, aluminum, and other materials that are commonly used in making screws.

The IRWIN screw extractor is made with hardened steel, and this can make its way through the most durable screw materials very easily. The extractor tools are durable and rustproof.  This is very important because, by design, the screw extractors need to be rustproof, inside and out.

Extracting screws can cause scratches and damage to the surface of the screw extractor, and if it is made with high-quality materials, that will keep the rust away from the tools.

IRWIN screw extractor set, again, is made with hardened steel for your screw removal convenience.


IRWIN Screw Extractor Set Review


Number of tools

The number of tools in a screw extractor set is important. It allows you to remove a vast range of screws depending on their sizes.

The IRWIN screw extractor set comes with a 25 piece set with 25 hex heads. The operating sizes of the hexes are between 1/8 inches to 7/8 inches for your needs. This means you can work with the IRWIN screw extractor set on most of the screws that are in use at this moment in time. Handy!


Gripping power

The Gripping power of the screw extractor tool allows you to remove a variety of hard stuck screws. This depends on the style of the extractor construction.

The IRWIN screw extractor has a left-hand spiral that gives you extra gripping power for your screw extraction need. Also, the material of the IRWIN screw extractor set gives it more gripping power than the competitors on the market today.



The screw extractor set needs to be versatile to extract many types of screws from the surface. It is necessary for the workers to have the right tools for removing a specific type of screw from a surface that is causing a nuisance.

IRWIN screw extractor set comes with a 25 piece set that has an extractor for all your needs. You can remove broken studs, bolts, socket screws, and fittings.


Spline Style

The IRWIN screw extractor set comes with a multi-spline left-hand spiral. The multi-spline allows you to cut through the screw more efficiently, and the spiral design makes sure you can pull the screw out very easily from the surface.


Bit Sizes

The bit sizes of the IRWIN screw extractor set come with a 1/32 inches increments from 1/8 inches to 7/8 inches in size. These cover most of the commonly used screws in use today.

The 25 piece set is very convenient for using them for a longer period of time and can remove many, many screws in their lifetime.


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Easy to use

The screw extraction can be hard to do work. The process can overwhelm non-professionals.

But the IRWIN screw extractor set is very easy to use. You just attach the bits to your drill and work away. The packaging comes with an instruction guide that makes sure you use the IRWIN screw extractor set right.

But don’t worry, the quality of the build of the IRWIN screw extractor set will give you plenty of chances to redo.

The spiral flute design bits embed themselves into the drill more tightly when the resistance from the screw increases. This compensates for the resistance and allows you to unscrew the stuck screw easily. There is no need for manual labor anymore.



Each screw extractor on the IRWIN screw extractor set size is etched on the sides of the screw extractor’s body. These markings are long-lasting and durable. So, you know which extractor is what sized and where to use them.

Many other competitors do not embed the size on the sides, and this makes working harder for you.


Storage case

Keeping 25 pieces of extractor tools safe and clean is not easy. This is why the IRWIN screw extractor set comes with a sturdy case. You can keep the screw extractors in the case and keep it safe. This prevents the chances of getting dirt and dust on the extractor and makes sure you don’t lose any of the extractors.



To be honest, we feel the price of the IRWIN screw extractor set is a bit high, but not unreasonable. It is such a good extractor set, and it’s a shame that many people will never know how good it is because the price may be somewhat out of reach for some people.

Professionals who have no problem with the budget can easily buy this set without any worry. But for DIY home project workers, the price can be a bit high.



The IRWIN screw extractor set is one of the best screw extractor set in the market today. The 25 piece set has almost all extractors that you may need for work. Except for the price, we feel everything is in perfect condition for the DIY workers to buy them. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can get this set without any worry whatsoever.


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