Stuck Screw? Feeling Screwed? The Best Screw Extractors are Here for You!

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Bolt and screws are the essentials of modern life, so are the best screw extractors. From household to industrial works, marine vessels to spaces rockets, bolts, and screws (machine screws) are the things that hold all of that together.

But, as we have said, sometimes you get faulty, damaged, or weak screws that either break or you have drilled it in the wrong spot. And if you have used mechanical methods to get the screw in, it is not easy to get that out. Ordinary screwdrivers are often inadequate for the job.

We all know people who have ‘screwed up’ like that, and for the lack of the proper tool, they now have a screw stuck in their walls, or they try awkwardly to hide that.

Let us make sure that won’t happen to you anymore.

We will review the best screw extractors that people have used and found to be perfect. People have found these tools to be ideal for damaged or stubborn bolts, broken fasteners, damaged screws, rusted screws, broken screws, broken studs, or any other type of damaged bolt or screw.

These customers bought, reviewed, and rated products that we will review will help you get a clear picture, and we will give you a buying guide that will help you buy the best screw extractor sets.

Let’s waste time no more!


11 Best Screw Extractors Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Let’s review some of the finest screw extractors available in the market.


CTA Tools 9030 Fluted Screw Extractor Set

CTA Fluted Screw Extractor Set comes with five pieces to extract the most stubborn screws. This Fluted Screw Extractor Set is made with high-quality steel that is durable in heavy use.

CTA Tools 9030 Fluted Screw Extractor Set- Best Screw Extractors


The five pieces are-

  • 1/4 to 5/16-Inch
  • 3/8-Inch
  • 7/16-Inch
  • 1/2 to 9/16-Inch
  • 5/8-Inch

These sizes are perfect for extracting plugs, automobile screws, spark plugs, and any other type of broken, rusted, painted screws or rounded screws and broken studs. This extractor works by drilling through the screw heads and then pulling them out.

The five-screw extractor sizes give you the room for extracting various sized screws according to your need.

This package comes in small size and is less than 5 pounds in weight. These Fluted Screw Extractor Sets are very affordable and very useful for household works.


  • Affordable bolt or screw extractor
  • Fluted Screw Extractor Set
  • Ideal for removing screws
  • Superior gripping power


  • Some products break easily

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Alden 8440P Grabit Pro Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor

Alden screw and bolt extractor tool removes broken and damaged screws or bolts. This is the perfect screw extractor designed to remove broken screws, rusted screws, wood screws, deck screws, broken bots, and loose/spinning screws or any other screw or bolt – with two easy steps.

Alden 8440P Grabit Pro Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor


The screw extractor set has dual ends, so you buy four pieces, but you actually get eight pieces. The extractors are made with high-quality stainless steel made in the USA.

The four screw extractors you get with this package are-

  • Bit #1 handles No. 4-No. Seven screws and No. 10 bolts (5mm)
  • Bit #2 handles No. 8-No. Ten screws and 1/4 inches bolts (6mm)
  • Bit #3 handles No. 11-No. 14 screws and 5/16 inches bolts (8mm)
  • Bit #4 handles No. 16-No. 24 screws and 3/8 inches bolts (10mm)

You just add these tools to your power drill and extract them away.

These extractors are made with twice tempered extra hardened steel. These tools are guaranteed to be used for many, many extraction works. You can be sure this extractor is able to extract many types of fasteners, including Phillips, Slotted, Hex, Trox, Tri-Wing, Pozidriv, Fearson, most tamper-resistant screws or bolt, and many more.

Alden 8440P comes in a 3.98ounce package of 8 inches x 4 inches x 1-inch sizes. It comes in a small poly case, and it has a 90days limited warranty.


  • Affordable screw extractor set
  • Great bolt extractor Set
  • Suitable for removing screws
  • Extra gripping ability for removing machine screws


  • Some products break easily

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Neiko 04204A Screw and Bolt Extractor Set

Neiko makes the finest bolt extractor set tools in the market. They always use premium quality materials, and their quality control ensures the highest-quality product.

Neiko 04204A Screw and Bolt Extractor Set- Best Screw Extractors


Neiko Screw Extractor set is made with premium chrome molybdenum hardened steel of the highest durability and highest service. These tools are perfect for removing broken screws, damaged screws, bolts, studs, pipes, pins, and fittings.

The whole set is a 25-piece work of marvel. This set is very affordable and useful for professional and household use.

The teeth of these extractors are multi-splined, and the left-hand spiral design cuts into the screws easily. The design gives it extra grip and extra faster threading.

Each extractor has high contrast, visible marking of the size for easy selection.

The extractors are sized from 1/8inches to 7/8inches, with 1/32inches increments between two extractors. The heads have hexagonal designs that allow the application of maximum torque.

For convenience, the set comes in a heavy duty carrying case for easy storage. The package is 9.2inches*6.4inches*2.1inches, and it weighs 4.4pounds.

So, you can use this bolt extractor set with sockets and flat wrenches. This manual tool is a perfect way to extract screws from stuck and hard to reach places.

You can ask for the manufacturer’s warranty if you like by contacting the manufacturers.


  • Affordable bolt or screw remover
  • Wrench or socket screw extractor set
  • Can be used for removing screws
  • Extra gripping ability


  • Not made with chrome vanadium steel
  • Doesn’t have vertical and horizontal serrations

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BOSCH BSPE6D Steel Spiral Flute Screw Extractor Set

BOSCH extractor set is a steel spiral flutes type screw extractor for removing damaged, stuck, rounded or loose screws.

BOSCH BSPE6D Steel Spiral Flute Screw Extractor Set- Best Screw Extractors


These screw extractors are made with heat treated carbon steel for extra durability and the highest service.

The high carbon steel in hardened steel material is rust resistant and does not tarnish on use. It is very durable and accurate and stays that way for a long time.

The extractors are roller threaded, it is cleaner and faster than machine threads, and can deliver more accurate results.

The spiral flutes design is perfect for removing screws from harder materials, and this is why BOSCH is the finest product in the market for removing screws from tough places.

The sizes of each extractor are engraved on the side with laser technology. The markings will not fade away even after years of heavy use.

The set includes-

  • One #1,
  • One #2,
  • One #3,
  • One #4,
  • One #5,
  • And, One #6,

Black Oxide Drill Bits:

  • One 5/64″,
  • One 7/64″,
  • One 5/32″,
  • One 1/4″,
  • One 17/64″,
  • And, One 13/32″

The Alloy high carbon steel made screw extractor set comes in a poly package, and the package is 10.15 inches x 1.86 inches x 8 inches in size. The package is lightweight, and it weighs just 1.24 pounds.


  • Affordable Wrench or socket screw extractor set
  • Used for removing stripped or broken screw
  • No need to use screw extraction pliers
  • Threaded tips


  • Some products break easily

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IRWIN Screw Extractor Set

Irwin is a century old manufacturer of quality tools and devices for the professional tradesman. Their quality and standard are the benchmarks for other manufacturers to strive for.

IRWIN Screw Extractor Set


Irwin’s 25piece screw extractor set is the screw extractor for removing broken studs, bolts, socket screws, and fittings.

Their bits feature a spiral flutes design to give out maximum speed and torque to remove any damaged screws, bolt, stud, or fitting efficiently. The bits have an aggressive, left-handed spiral flutes design to deal maximum force to remove the most stubborn screw. Rounded screws, rusted screws, painted over screws are no problem for Irwin’s extractor set.

The multi-spline teeth of this extractor bites into the most damaged screw like a piece of cake. It is designed for the highest efficiency and greatest service to the user.

There are 25 hex heads for all your extraction need. The smallest is 1/8inches, and with a regular increment of 1/32inches, the highest hex head is 7/8inches. The heads have a left-handed spiral design for extracting almost all the screws (because screws are right-handed designs); with the gripping capability that it gets from the multi-spline teeth, you can surely get the most out of this extractor.

The 25 pieces come in a lightweight, heavy duty, and dustproof carrying case. And you have the sizes etched onto each hex head for easy identification and storage.

This 25 piece screw extractor comes in a small, compact package of just 3.9 pounds and 4.1 inches x 11.4 inches x 1.8 inches size.

What’s more, you will get an instruction guide/unit guide with this product.


  • Affordable
  • Spiral flute extractor set
  • Extra gripping powered bolt extractor
  • No need to use extraction pliers


  • Some products break easily

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COMOWARE Screw Extractor and Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Screw Extractor is the perfect tool for your household use, or in your project, or even in your garage.

COMOWARE Screw Extractor Drill Bit Set


This set comes with a ten-piece set. There are five pieces of alloy steel screw extractors and 5pieces of HSS M2 drill bits. All of the extractors and bits are left-handed. The drill bit  size comes in 5 different measurements: 5/64inches, 7/64 inches, 5/32 inches, 1/4 inches, and 19/64 inches.

The drill bits have an angle of 118 degrees to make it easier to cut and extract the screws more easily and efficiently. This angle makes it easier for the bits to dissipate heat more easily and cut faster. The bits have high durability due to the HSS M2 steel material, which has been used in its making.

The HSS M2 material is better than high speed steel because it is better wear resistant and stronger than high speed steel.

The increased grip of this product helps to remove stubborn screws, rusty or rounded screws.

These extractors and bits come in a metal index case for easy use and easy storage according to your need. You must get this quality extractor for your use.


  • Affordable
  • Drill bits extractor set
  • Great for removing metal screws
  • Extra grasping power


  • Some products break easily

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NEIKO 10037A Screw Extractors and Left-Hand Drill Bit Set

NEIKO 10037A screw extractors and Left Hand Drill Bit Set


Neiko 10037A comes in with 15 piece bits for screw uprooting. The sizes are –

  • 1/16 inch bits,
  • 3/32 inch bits,
  • 1/8 inch bits,
  • 5/32 inch bits,
  • 3/16 inch bits,
  • 7/32 inch bits,
  • 1/4 inch bits,
  • 9/32 inch bits,
  • 5/16 inch bits,
  • 11/32 inch bits,
  • 3/8 inch bits,
  • 13/32 inch bits,
  • 7/16 inch bits,
  • 15/32 inch bits, and
  • 1/2 inch bits

These bits are designed for taking out right-handed screws from awkward places. This drill bit set is made with high speed steel, coated with a titanium nitride coating for surface hardness. These bits can drill into pretty much anything.

The bits are corrosion resistant; the coating reduces friction between bits and the screws. This makes it durable and perfect for long time use.

These bits are made especially for left-handed reversible drills. This makes it easier to remove broken fasteners, loose screws, bolts, and studs for automobile repair shops, home use, and professional use.

The bits are designed for removing screws and bolts. The 135 degree split point drills the hole faster and cleaner. These bits are designed for speedy cuts.

The bits have convenient holes for size index. The package has the best way to organize, store and use the bits according to the needs.

This Chinese made product comes in a 14.17 inches x 9.06 inches x 7.87 inches size and weighs 2 pounds.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for removing screws
  • Extra gripping capacity
  • No need to use extraction pliers


  • Some products break easily

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IVY Classic 01360 Chrome Alloy-Steel Spiral Screw Extractors Set

IVY Classic premium steel screw extractor set comes with five pieces of chrome alloy steel extractors.

IVY Classic 01360 Chrome Alloy-Steel Spiral Screw Extractors Set


These extractors are spiral flute styled extractors for removing broken studs, bolts, sockets, and screws. You can extract the most rusted, rounded screws with this Spiral Screw Extractor.

The aggressively designed left-hand spiral gives you an efficient pull and gripping power to take out the most stubborn screws with ease.

The polished body of these extractors is sand-blasted for rust prevention and durable use. This Chrome alloy steel extractor set is very strong and durable. You can use these tools to extract tear proof screws and tamper-proof screws from unwanted places.

The five extractors are-

  • #1- 5/64inch in size. You can use this extractor to remove 3/32inches to 5/32inches screws. No.3 to No.6 screws are in the range of this extractor. In metric units- 2.5mm to 4mm screws.
  • #2- 7/64 inches extractor, used to remove 5/32inchesto 7/32inches. Screw no.6 to no.12 are in the range for this extractor, 4mm to 6mm screws (in metric units)
  • #3- 5/32 inch extractor, used to remove 7/32inch to 9/32inches. Screw no.14 is in the range for this extractor, 6mm to 8mm screws (in metric units)
  • #4- 9/32inches extractor, used with ¼ inch drill to remove 9/32inch to 3/8inch screws, 8mm to 10mm screws, or 1/8inch pipes.
  • #5- used with 19/64inch drill to remove 3/8inch to 5/8inch screws, 10mm to 16mm screws, or ¼ inch pipes.

There are other screw extractors from IVY Classic, but in this package, you will get extractors #1 to #5.

This chrome alloy steel spiral screw extractor set comes in a package that weighs 3.99 pounds and is just under 5inches in size. You will get a sturdy plastic storage case with the package for easy keeping.


  • Affordable
  • Spiral flute extractor set
  • Removes screws
  • Increased gripping power


  • Has no socket adapter

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IRWIN Screw Extractor for Spiral Screws, 5-Piece

This is the second IRWIN Screw extractor set in this list. This is another highest reviewed product from IRWIN. The set has entered our list because of the popularity of this screw extractor set.

IRWIN Screw Extractor for Spiral Screws, 5-Piece


This extractor set comes with five piece spiral screw. The spiral design is perfect for removing broken screws, broken bolts, studs, stripped bolts, bolts, bolt head, sockets, security screws, and fittings.

IRWIN’s extractor tool is designed with an aggressive left-hand spiral design for extra grip and cleaner removal of screws. The spiral flute digs in the screw with each turn of the tool. This makes extraction easier.

IRWIN has etched the size and drill bit recommendation on each extractor for your convenience. And, the package comes in a light weight and small sized pack.

Customers recommend that these tools be used with a tap wrench or adjustable wrenches for better result.


  • Affordable
  • Spiral flute extractor set
  • Superb for removing screws
  • Extra gripping power tool


  • Some products break easily on drill use

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NEIKO 01925A Screw Extractor

Neiko 01925A screw extractor is cobalt made, extra durable, and extremely reliable screw extractors. These left-hand drill bits and extractors are made with cobalt and high speed steel for longer service life.

NEIKO 01925A Screw Extractor


The mechanism is pretty simple. The extractors embed into the screw, and with torque, they increase the grip tighter and tighter.

The drill bits are sized 5/64inches, 7/64 inches, 5/32 inches, 1/4 inches, and 19/64 inches. The extractors are ranged from #1 to #5.

This package is all in one package for all your extraction need. The set includes the finest tools in the market for your convenience so that you can remove stubborn screws from all kinds of stubborn places with this single tool.

You will get a foldable easy carry suitcase-type storage bag for easy organization and safekeeping. The cobalt fortified HSS steel makes the set rustproof for long time use.

The spiral design is ideal for getting the most grip on the broken studs, screws, rounded screws, rounded bolts, and other annoying screws.


  • Affordable
  • Spiral flute extractor set with matching drill bits
  • Extra gripping power
  • Superb stud extractor


  • Some products break easily on drill use

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KAIFNT K457 Damaged/Stripped Screw Extractor Kit

KAIFNT K457  Screw Extractor Kit comes with both types of tools to easily remove stripped screws. The drill bit prepares the screw for removal, and the extractor pulls out the screws with ease.

KAIFNT K457 Damaged/Stripped Screw Extractor Bit Kit


You can use these tools for taking out tools up to 4inhces in size. You can use this tool to take out hex, Phillips, and square drive and bolts up to 3/8-inch. Each bit is designed to take care of the different types of screw extraction work.

The package includes-

  • Three pieces of drill bits- 5/64 inches, 1/8 inches, and 5/32 inches.
  • Three pieces of screw extractor sockets – 1/8 inches to 3/16 inches, ¼ inches to 3/8 inches, and ½ inches to 9/16 inches.

The product comes in2 x 2 x 0.4inches size and 5.2 ounce weight.


  • Affordable
  • Spiral flute extractor set with matching drilling bits
  • Perfect for removing stripped screws, Allen bolts
  • Extra gripping power
  • Superb hex adapter


  • Weak magnetic properties

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Buyers Guide for Best Screw Extractors

Our list features the greatest screw extractors on the market. You can choose one from the list without any hesitation. But that is not all you are getting. Here is a buying guide, a consideration list, if you will, for buying the best screw extractor.

Our parameter is primarily customer satisfaction, but there are other considerations that we have taken into account. And now we will go through those briefly.


Gripping power

Checking the gripping power of an extractor is a very good practice.  You need higher gripping power for better extraction.

The length of the screw that you want to pull and the gripping power are intricately related. The longer the screw/nail, the higher the power needs to be. Spiral flute extractors will give you the most gripping power. Also, better, stronger materials give the proper gripping power.


Screw sizes

You may have noticed, and our exclusive reviewed products discuss the screw size. That is very, very important.

Each extractor has the capacity of pulling out screws. Not all extractors can pull out every screw. You need to carefully see what the screw size limit is. It is always better to see the screw you want to be extracted before buying a screw extractor. That way, you will get exactly the product you need for the exact work. The screw extractor’s ideal length should be considered in proportion to the screw’s length.

The top-notch screw extractors come with matching drill bits. You drill with the bit and then use the extractor to take the annoying screw out. We have focused on these matching drill types mostly.



Most screws are made with very durable materials. For obvious reasons, like durability and long service, screws are made with the highest durable materials. There are lesser screws with lower quality materials, sure! But people don’t get those!

So, the biggest consideration that you should have is what the extractor is made of. Is it stronger than the screw? You will waste your money if you don’t think it through.

Screws are designed to be durable, rust resistant, and long serving. But sometimes, they do not last long or don’t resist rust.

To remove those screws, you will need High Speed Steel made screw extractors, preferably with coating with other elements for extra durability. In our list, we have covered your need for extra durable screw extractor materials. You can be sure to remove hundreds of screws with these screw extractors before any of these shows the slightest bit of signs of damage.


Ease of use

Most high-end screw extractors come with matching bits for drilling. You drill with the bit and then use the extractor to take the annoying screw out. We have focused on these matching drill types mostly. But we have covered just extractors for those in need. If you get a matching set, it will be really easy for you to pull out a screw. Otherwise, it can be hard.


Screw Extraction Process

There are several steps to follow in the screw extraction process.

Firstly, you have to buy a great screw extractor.

Secondly, put on your safety gear, Protective gloves, protective glasses, and everything else.

Focus on the center punch. You need to find out the center of the screw you are looking to extract. Some products come with center punches, but you can buy them from a hardware store. This is important because if you do not drill in the center, the pull may not be equal on all sides, and hence, the whole screw may not come out.

After that, uses some cutting fluid, thread cutting oil, and penetration oil on the screw. This will help with the drilling.

Now, drilling the screw head is the next step. You need the perfect drilling bit for the size of the screw head. Not too big, not too small.

Depending on the size of the screw you need to be gone, the drilling hole will be sized. Usually, it is around 1/8 inch to ¼ inch. Once you have made a drilled hole for the extractor, you put in the extractor and turn anti-clockwise until the screw comes out using the screw’s threads.

Sometimes it is easier said than done. Sometimes the screw needs to be heated; sometimes, you will need vise grip locking pliers with serrated jaws or a socket wrench to pull the screw out.

But if you have got a screw extractor from our list and have done the steps right, you won’t have to go through the extra hassle.


Final Thought

We have covered all the top-rated products that have come in our thorough research and user feedback. Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that these are the products that have served people the most.

But we are open to your feedback, suggestions, disagreement, reviews, and support. Please write to us about the experience of using screw extractors (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).



Ans: If you have bought a screw extractor from our list and followed the guide, screw extractors should work 99.99% of the time.

Ans: Depending on the type of work, there are spiral fluted and straight fluted extractors. Both are great screw extractors for their relative field.

Ans: The finest screw extractors come with matching drill bits and extractors for effectively pulling out a stubborn screw.

Ans: You can use Neiko extractors for removing broken bolts. But bolt extractors have spiral teeth inside the edges for better grip if you specifically want bolt extractors.