Cleaner for your cleaner: Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner

Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner Review

A garbage disposal unit is one of the most important gadgets in the house. It cleans the perishable food items and such from your everyday wastes. Which, if left around for the garbage pick-up, will rot and smell really bad. A garbage disposal unit has three parts, a grinder, an impeller, and a shredder. These parts work in unison to grind, crush, and shred your leftover into smaller pieces and pass them onto the sewer system.

One of the major plus points of the garbage disposal units is that they usually clean themselves. This is very convenient and very easy for you to use. But, as a machine, it can become overwhelmed, and sometimes the smaller food particles, residual oil, soap, fatty deposits can cause the unit to malfunction. In such cases, the unit stops working, is blocked, and often starts to overflow in the kitchen. This can cause stench, drainage of sewer materials inside the house and cause problems for you and your family.

To help you stop this from happening, there are garbage disposal cleaners available on the market. These cleaners not only take care of the fat, oil, and food residue, they also fight the odor and help you keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Many people suggest using household materials to clean the garbage disposal units, which can be harmful and even dangerous. For reasons we can’t get into the details right now, let’s just say if you don’t want your sewer pipes melting, do not use household materials to clean your garbage cleaner without consulting an expert.

One of the best garbage disposal cleaners on the market is Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner. It deserves that title because it is that good! We will look into why it is considered one of the best disposal cleaners here.



One of the ways of assessing a garbage disposal cleaner’s worth is to look at the features that it comes in with. For instance, what is the active ingredient, the flavor, and what type of cleaner it is!

We will do that here in this segment.


Active ingredients

The active ingredient of the garbage disposal cleaner is very important. Many garbage cleaners use bleach or bleach-based materials to clean your cleaner. But that is a bad decision for many reasons. This is mainly because bleach is known to cause corrosion in plastics and other synthetic materials common in sewer systems. This can cause serious trouble for you; if you are looking to save money with bleach, don’t! Because this will turn around and might end up costing more than you think.

The Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner is made with non-harsh materials that don’t cause any issues with the pipes. The active ingredients on the Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner are Malic Acid and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These ingredients clean your garbage disposal unit with prudence and efficacy.

The chemicals can be harmful if ingested. It is suggested that you keep the Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner away from the reach of children and pets.

It cleans your garbage disposal unit in minutes and prevents build-up and odor for a longer period of residual effect.

Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner Review


Cleaner Type

There are many ways that a garbage disposal unit works. There are those that come in powder form; you sprinkle it thoroughly and then rinse with alternating hot and cold water. Many people found out that this leaves a few spots uncleaned, especially the spots that are hard to reach.

There is a liquid type of garbage disposal cleaners; these work efficiently. But, again, it can not reach certain spots inside the cleaner.

Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner comes with 3 or 4 small water-soluble packets that cause foam build-up once it comes in contact with water. The thick foam can reach all the spots that a powder or a liquid cleaner can’t. Places like the downward-facing surfaces of the unit, and so on.

This gives you a thorough cleaning and leaves you with a squeaky-clean garbage disposal unit.



Cleaning the garbage disposal unit is not enough. You need to take care of the smell too. There are manufacturers that produce very good garbage disposal cleaners that do not take care of the smell. This is half the job!

The smell is caused by the decaying of organic materials common in food particles and perishable materials common in household uses. As they decay and decompose, they leave a horrible stench that, if left untreated, can spread through your house.

There are many brands that make flavored cleaners for your garbage disposal. The most common flavor is lemon and thyme.

The Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner comes with a strong lemon scent. This takes care of the smell, unlike any other garbage disposal cleaner. The smell stays for a long time due to a strong residual effect. Meaning, you will have a fresh-smelling kitchen for a longer time after each use.


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As mentioned before, garbage disposal cleaners can be harmful to you, your kids, and your drainage system. This is why choosing the right garbage disposal cleaner is important. Many cleaners are there that use too strong chemicals that can cause the pipes to erode away. Usually, these cleaners are more harmful and toxic to people and pets.

The Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner is safe for the pipes and septic tank. This means the chemicals used are not as strong. But it is a good idea to keep it away from the reach of children and pets, just to be safe. If you get some on the skin, wash it thoroughly; if some of the foam gets inside your eyes, call a doctor, or reach the emergency. The usual drill.

The Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner doesn’t harm your drain and disposer. And can clean the unit thoroughly.



The price of the Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner is in the affordable range. The package includes four packs of cleaner that you can use weekly or as you need to maintain the freshness of your kitchen.

The mention of the frequency is important because this gives you a perspective as to how much you need to spend on the garbage disposal cleaner in a month. One pack of the Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner can last you a month. Once you have done a thorough cleaning, you may not need another cleaning for 2 weeks, and even more, depending on your use.

This means, with caution, your garbage disposal cleaner can last more than a month. The price is affordable, and hence, you can be sure that this is a pretty good deal.



The brand of the garbage disposal cleaner is important because of its reputation for making high-quality products. Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner is a product from Summit. The brand is known for its commitment to the safety of the user. The brand has a great quality inspection mechanism in place to make sure its products are the best in the market.



The Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner is a premium product that gives you the best service for the money. It is made with very high-quality active ingredients and has a great flavor that lasts long. It is very affordable for your use.

You can buy the Glisten DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer Foaming Cleaner because it is deserving of the title best garbage disposal cleaner.


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