METABO Air Compressor with Roofing Nailer: Best air compressor for nail gun

METABO Air Compressor with Roofing Nailer Review

Nail Guns are one of the most convenient devices for professionals. This allows you to work efficiently and without much strain on your body. This is the reason that choosing the right air compressor for a nail gun is very important, and at the same time, really hard!

One of the best air compressor nail guns is the METABO air compressor with Roofing Nailer. It has many features that make it one of the most premium air compressors for nail guns.

We will discuss the features here.


METABO Air Compressor with Roofing Nailer Features:

The features that make the METABO air compressor with Roofing Nailer so desirable air compressor on the market. Each feature will be discussed here, and we will tell you the implications of the features.



You first need to know about any air compressor is the PSI or the pounds per square inch. Essentially, this is a device that measures the amount of air pressure that a compressor is capable of generating. The majority of air compressors for nail guns have a good range and are compatible with nail guns.

A typical budget-friendly type will run at approximately 150 PSI and 2.5 CFM (will be discussed later) at 90 PSI, with a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. We’re talking about an increase of 25 percent in pressure as well as an increase of 60 percent in air distribution.

Metabo HPT pancake air compressor fills to a pressure of 200 PSI and delivers up to 4 CFM at a pressure of 90 PSI. All of those stats are really impressive, especially for a pancake compressor!

Higher pressure ratings may allow for longer periods of work between air pump cycles, but they may also result in longer fill-up durations depending on the motor speed. The fill-up time, cycling pressure, and duty cycle were not covered in the press materials provided by the manufacturer.



CFM is an abbreviation for cubic feet of air volume per minute. This is often referred to as a force measurement unit.

In order to ensure proper operation and safety, the air compressor’s CFM rating must be the same as the nail guns. You will experience problems and stalling if the two are not in harmony. Delays are also a common result of failing to sync the CFM with the nail gun properly.

This is a very crucial purchasing element for you to take into account. You must ensure that the air compressor you intend to purchase has a CFM rating equal to or greater than the CFM rating of your nail gun.

The METABO air compressor has a 4 CFM at 90 PSI. Multiple large body nailers can use this. This is why many workers prefer the METABO air compressor.


METABO Air Compressor with Roofing Nailer


Tank Capacity

All air compressors contain a tank that holds the compressed air, subsequently released via an aperture linked to the nail gun. All air compressors are designed to be portable. As a result, the tank capacity or the compressed air range of the compressor are significant considerations for you to make.

In general, an air compressor with a tank size of 1 to 6 gallons is the most suitable for nail guns. Depending on your job, they can hold enough compressed air to allow you to work all day.

The METABO air compressor has a large 6-gallon tank. The high size 6-gallon tank provides an abundance of air. The Tank’s ability to continuously drive nails flush without delay allows for increased productivity. The oil-free design provides excellent durability while requiring less maintenance. It is ready to use right out of the box and requires no further configuration.



The Tank of any air compressor for a nail gun needs to be light. This is for the convenience of carrying the air compressor from job site to job site.

The METABO air compressor is light. In comparison to a standard two-stack compressor, the Tank is 22 percent lighter. It is light and portable, weighing just 41 pounds, making it simple to maneuver around the workplace and transport up and downstairs. The “roll bar” handle is made of solid steel and fastened on, making it simple to hold when in the back of a truck or tool trailer, and it also protects against damage.


Durability of the Tank

The Tank of the air compressor must be durable and resistant to the effects of the weather. This is quite crucial.

The majority of tanks are equipped with features that allow you to use the air compressor even when the weather is chilly. Because of the fragility and thickness of your Tank, compressed air will not be used. Warm weather circumstances will thin the air, while cold weather conditions will cause the air to condense and turn into liquid.

This is not only a hindrance to your job; it also has the potential to cause major damage to your nail gun and air compressor tank.

The Tank of the METABO air compressor is made durable by sturdy joints and tough materials for you.


Noise Level

The air compressor noise can be annoying. While this is not a deal-breaker if the air compressor is not quiet. It is a matter of convenience.

Despite its high speed, the METABO air compressor is not a very quiet machine. When we measured the pressure at our operator’s ear while he was making changes to the pressure, the reading was 93 dB. It is less noisy than a gas model, but it is still something to consider if you will be working in an occupied place for the duration of the project.


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Low Maintenance

The air compressor has to be low maintenance. This is very convenient if you don’t have to worry about the health of the air compressor all the time.

The METABO air compressor is an oil-free air compressor. This makes the METABO air compressor a low-maintenance air compressor. You can be sure that it will keep working even if you forget to check it from time to time. However, we recommend that you check the machine every once in a while.


Horse Power

The METABO air compressor has a rating of 1.3 Horse Power. This is pretty good for an air compressor; this allows you to work more efficiently.


Roofing Nailer

The METABO air compressor comes with a roofing nailer. This is perfect for roof installation and board installation. The fasteners accept 16 degrees of wire coil roofing nails sized from 7/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches. This is very useful for your work.



Now, this is a hard place. The price of the METABO air compressor is a bit high. Because of the premium features of the METABO air compressor, it asserts the need for a higher price. But the tag that it comes with it is a bit too high.

It is a significant improvement over the other models, but the price jump seems to be a bit much.

This should not be a deal-breaker if you are looking for an air compressor for your efficiency of working.



The METABO air compressor is one of the best air compressors in the market. It has the best features for your purchase. But the price of the air compressor is pretty high, to be honest.

You can buy the air compressor for yourself if you can overlook the price.


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